19 Options for Quitting Your Day Job

Lots of people are dreaming of quitting their current job to replace it with doing something that they really love doing or something they can earn more with. Whatever it is that one wants to pursue, whether it’s writing, singing, or doing business, there’s a way to achieve success in it.

However, it’s not like one can quit his/her own job overnight. Before one rushes to the HR and files a resignation letter, plan on things first. There are many options to consider when one is planning of quitting a job. Here are 19 options of quitting your day/night job:

1. Have a plan: If the job is not something that makes you happy anymore, you can get out of it. Just make sure that in the process of doing so, you had made sure that you are ready to do it.

2. Know your financial security: Check your bank or savings. Do you have enough money to survive for the whole duration of finding an alternative job or pursuing the job that you’ll love to do? Is your money enough to pay your bills, your rent, and your food?

3. Don’t worry if your career goes into a different path: If you are stuck with a job that you don’t enjoy, there’ll be a way to lead you back to the career path that you have always wanted. Pursue your dreams if you really want to achieve them.

4. Do Hard Work: You can work on your job on daytime, then, when the night comes, start building on those plans of yours to get your dream job. If you want to start your own business, you can start making logos of your product, business cards, and your own brand.

5. Be systematic: A plan can go smoothly if it is organized. You should learn how to utilize your resources wisely. Also, make use of the plan that you made earlier. Know what you want to achieve, what you will use to achieve success, etc. Set a time-frame for the things that you wanted to accomplish.

6. Invest in a Profitable Idea Course: Ramit Sethi is one those people who knows a lot about managing things when you are just starting on your goals. Many find his Find Your First Profitable Idea Course very helpful. It is practical, an eye-opener, and motivational.

7. Make use of referrals: Using referrals is definitely a way of getting organized. Ask people you know for referrals. If you plan on taking on a business venture, building a referral base is a smart move. Find people who can refer you to potential customers and award them for each referral.

8. Utilize enticing scripts: This is very useful especially for those who decide to start their own business. You can make one enticing script and just pass it on.

9. Be technology-savvy: With the internet and e-mails nowadays, referrals and sending scripts to your contacts take just a few seconds and a few clicks.

10. Give great service to clients: So long as the client is happy, he’ll be more than glad to help with your referrals and endorsing your great service.

11. Start joining in E1K: You will definitely be aided to use your best abilities to have a solid financial foundation to continue what you love to do.

12. Focus: When you have enough and you’re sure that you will be stable once you quit your job, focus on achieving what you love to do.

13. Don’t give up. Quitters never win!

14. Turn hard work into systematic process and enjoy your rewards after that.

15. Pursue your passion. It’s a great feeling when you do enjoy what you work on. It’s great to have such passion with whatever you want to do with life and feel like you’re not really working but rather you are enjoying.

16. Start freelancing: It’s a great way to be your own boss; you can pretty much have control over what you’re doing.

17. Services are good: Know this by heart. When you give good service to your clients, you are most likely to succeed. Have the goal of making them happy and satisfied, so they will go back to you again and again.

18. Take one step at a time: Do not rush into doing things. Be systematic and have a plan.

19. Enjoy what you do and face bigger challenges: It’s a great feeling to do what you enjoy. But don’t let it keep you on your comfort zone. Take on bigger challenges. This will make you grow and be stronger.

Whats your take?

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