Top 50 Tips on Saving Money

Just because people are sleeping, it doesn’t mean that they are not spending money. Electricity for example, is still being consumed while you are sleeping when the air-conditioning unit and night lights are turned on. To avoid unnecessary additions to your bills, here are some tips that can help save money while asleep.

save money tips

1. Turn off all lights before going to bed.

2. Use a night light if unable to sleep without the light on.

3. Use an ‘aircon-to-fan’ timer.

4. Use a low horsepower air conditioner.

5. Tightly close all faucets.

6. Use a fan with auto-off timer.

7. Put television and stereo on sleep mode.

8. Use old fashioned alarm clocks instead of the plug-in or battery types.

9. Use sleep wear that can be used for more than one night to save on washing.

10. Put leftover food on the fridge to reheat the next day to save money on food.

11. Unplug all appliances.

12. Turn off the computer.

13. Sleep early to avoid taking a cab to rush to work the next morning.

14. Choose to sleep at home than hotels.

15. Do not to get a pet that requires electricity 24/7.

16. Let the kids sleep in the master’s bedroom as much as possible to save on air conditioning or heater.

17. Minimize porch lights at night and turn it off in the morning.

18.  Use motion detectors for outdoor security instead of turning on all outside lights.

19. Look into solar options.

20. Avoid using too much flood lights in the yard.

21. Double check that the sprinklers are turned off.

22. Turn off the fax machine.

23. Use LED options for lighting.

24. Turn off mobile devices or set it on sleep mode.

25. Remember that good sleep habits help save on hospital bills.

26. Read instead of watching television before sleeping.

27. Go to bed squeaky clean to prolong use of bed sheets and comforters and minimize washing.

28. Make sure kitchen gas valve is tightly closed.

29. Do not leave mobile devices and batteries charging overnight.

30. Use comforters and blankets during cold season instead of turning the heater up.

31. Avoid midnight snacks.

32. Use programmable thermostats for indoor heating and cooling systems.

33. Leave a glass of water on the bedside instead of getting up and opening the fridge in the middle of the night.

34. Use timers on outside lights if you keep forgetting to turn it off in the morning.

35. Turn off ice makers in the refrigerator when not in use.

36. Keep small children in one room to save on light, fan or air conditioning.

37. Don’t buy electronic items that need to be plugged at night like a plug-in mosquito killer or a plug-in air freshener.

38. Lower the refrigerator temperature at night especially if it does not have that much food inside.

39. Unplug hot and cold water dispensers.

40. When stuck in the airport with a delayed or cancelled flight, choose to sleep in the airport instead of renting a hotel room.

41. Never leave the refrigerator door open.

42. Clean the coil and filter of air conditioner for maximum efficiency.

43. Make sure there are no leaks in the plumbing system.

44. Use a night light in the bathroom if you often pee in the middle of the night.

45.  Get a good night’s sleep to have more energy and avoid having to buy that extra cup of coffee in the morning.

46. Use easy to wash bed spreads and comforters that don’t need dry cleaning.

47. Consider options for passive money making online businesses.

48. If using overnight medical equipment like a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, choose a model that has power saving options.

49. Don’t sleep with an earphone and audio player on.

50. Do all chores during the day and use the day’s natural light instead of staying up late at night working and consuming extra lighting and electricity.

Over to you

To cut long story short, what’s your 51 tip on saving money while sleeping? Leave your comments below if you dont mind!


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